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Hearing Aid Batteries

We carry Rayovac Proline and Power One hearing aid batteries. Rayovac Proline hearing aid batteries are made in USA and are the longest lasting on the market.  Power One batteries are German made by Varta Microbattery and are the most moisture resistant hearing aid batteries that we have found.  Both lines of batteries are top of the line, premium hearing aid batteries.

  • Power One Hearing Aid Batteries- 60 pack

    Power One Hearing Aid Batteries- 60 pack

    Power One Batteries offer an optimized battery performance and reliability. The stainless steel housing has high stability and safe protection against corrosion and optimized quality under a variety of environmental conditions. Power one cells provide...

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  • Hearing aid battery tester shows percent of battery life left and holds two spare batteries.

    Hearing Aid Battery Tester

    Many people come into our office saying "I put 3 new batteries in my hearing aid and it still does not work."  Wouldn't it be nice to know if the battery is good or not?  Our hearing aid battery tester lets you test your battery's condition so...

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  • Rayovac battery caddy in white

    Hearing Aid Battery Caddy

    A battery caddy is a safe, convenient way to carry spare batteries in your pocket or purse so that you will never have your hearing aids not work due to a dead battery when you are away from home.  Carrying batteries directly in your pocket or purse...

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  • Easy Battery hearing aid battery replacement tool. Close up of Easy Battery hearing aid insertion/removal tool.

    Battery Easy

    Battery Easy is used to insert and remove batteries from hearing aids with ease. Directions:   1.  Open battery door.  Place tip of Battery Easy over the battery and lift out of the door. 2.  Take paper tab off of fresh battery...

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