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Ear Care

Products to help clean your ears and keep them from itching.

  • Audiologist's Choice Ear Wax Removal System

    Audiologist's Choice ear wax removal drops are a 6.5% solution of carbamide peroxide in an anhydrous glycerine base which softens ear wax. Each kit includes an ear wash bulb or syringe to flush out cerumen or ear wax from the ear canal...

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  • Bionix AfterSwim water removal strips

    Bionix After Swim Water Removal Strips+

    Safe, Fast and Alcohol-free!   AfterSwim offers a new approach to drying the ear canal. You can remove water from your ears and help to prevent outer ear irritation and infection due to bacteria buildup.  No other product on the market...

  • Oto-Ease Ear Mold and hearing aid lubricant

    Oto-Ease Ear Mold Lubricant 0.5 oz

    Oto-Ease Ear Mold lubricant eases insertion of ear molds and hearing aids.   Oto-Ease is bacteria-free, greaseless lubricant which eases insertion of long canal and tight fitting earmolds and hearing instruments  Comes in 1/2 oz...

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  • ProEar by Miracell

    ProEar by Miracell 0.5 oz

    ProEar by Miracell relieves dry, aching, tender, itching ears naturally.  ProEar helps to soften ear wax to make removal easier and more comfortable.  The is an all-natural botanical concentrate in ProEar eases discomfort of hearing aids,...

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